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PurCool Green Mini Strips - by Nu-Calgon


Product Overview

These PurCool Green Mini Strips (#61044) are great for preventing slime and sludge build-up in air conditioning condensate drain pans. Whatís better, these are environmentally friendly!

Typical drain pan treatment products used biocides and harsh chemicals to keep pans and lines clean. But the PurCool Green uses natural plant and vegetable based dispersing technology to safely keep the drain lines free flowing and the pans clean.

These Mini Strips were specifically designed for ductless mini splits, and will fit right up against mini split fins. A single PurCool strip can treat up to 5 tons for 4-6 months! And if you have a smaller system, the strips can be cut in half for smaller tonnage evaporators.


  • Non corrosive
  • No harsh chemicals or biocides and environmentally friendly Green product
  • Time-release strip dissolves completely, leaving no residue or anything to remove
  • Prevents sludge, slim and odors

small-warning.pngWarning: California Proposition 65