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CompleteCare Mini-Split Kit - by Nu-Calgon


Product Overview

Regularly maintaining your mini split with the Nu-Calgon CompleteCare Kit will ensure that it operates at peak performance, improves air quality, and prevents costly repairs down the line. The environmentally-friendly PurCool Green Mini Strip will keep your drain lines clean and flowing smoothly, while the Evap-Fresh No Rinse Cleaner and Disinfectant will eliminate odors and harmful contaminants.

With this kit, you can easily tackle the task of cleaning your mini split system on your own, saving you time and money on professional maintenance services. The compact size of the kit makes it convenient to store and use whenever needed.

Don't let your mini split system succumb to dirt and bacteria buildup - invest in the Nu-Calgon CompleteCare Mini Split Kit to keep your indoor air fresh and your system running efficiently. Trust Nu-Calgon, a leading manufacturer of HVAC solutions, to provide you with quality products that deliver reliable results. Order your kit today and enjoy a cleaner, healthier living environment with your ductless mini split system.