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Incentive Program

Installer Incentive Program: Central System Installation

Objective: Encourage installers to promote and install central systems to increase energy efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Incentive Offer: For every central system installation, the installer will receive a cash incentive of $200 per system.


  1. The incentive program is open to all registered and certified HVAC installers within the designated area of operation.
  2. Installers must comply with all local laws, regulations, and building codes related to central system installations.
  3. The program applies to newly installed central systems only (not applicable for replacements or repairs).

Step 1: Register for the incentive program here: Click here for Registration Form

Program Guidelines:

  1. Installers must register for the incentive program and provide all necessary contact and business information.
  2. The incentive amount of $200 will be paid per qualifying central system installation.
  3. Installers are required to submit proof of installation, including relevant documentation such as work orders, permits, and inspection certificates.
  4. The incentive will be paid within 30 days of submission and verification of the required documentation.
  5. The program will run for a specified period, and the start and end dates will be communicated clearly to all eligible installers.
  6. The sponsoring entity reserves the right to modify or terminate the incentive program with prior notice to participants.

Promotion and Marketing:

  1. The incentive program will be promoted through local HVAC associations, industry newsletters, and social media channels.
  2. Participating manufacturers and suppliers may also promote the program among their installer network.


  1. Installers will receive financial incentives for each installation, boosting their income and encouraging them to prioritize central system installations.
  2. Increased adoption of central systems will contribute to improved energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  3. Central system installations may lead to higher customer satisfaction, as these systems often offer superior comfort and performance.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  1. Regular evaluations will be conducted to assess the impact of the incentive program on central system installations.
  2. The number of installations, energy savings, and customer feedback will be monitored to gauge program effectiveness.

Budget: The total budget for the incentive program will be determined in advance, considering the number of anticipated central system installations and the $200 incentive per installation.

By implementing this incentive program, we aim to promote the adoption of central systems and foster a sustainable, energy-efficient future while supporting HVAC installers in their efforts.