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Where to Buy a Mini Split AC

Jul 17th 2019

Where to Buy a Mini Split AC

SoGoodToBuy Marketplaces

Listed below are our three main marketplaces that we trust in order to give you the most transparency during your purchasing experience. Each has distinct qualities that provides exclusive memberships, warranties, and fast shipping. While there is common ground in all of these marketplaces, each has unique features that are tailored to suit your needs.

1. Amazon

Amazon is know for its Prime service that includes 2-day shipping and exclusive shopping deals. With reliable customer service and the best prices available, its intuitive interface allows you to track/cancel your oder, change or return an item, add multiple payment methods, receive additional information on shipping carriers, and reach customer service 24/7. Amazon’s SquareTrade Protection Plans are also a huge bonus when considering extended warranty on consumer electronics. Whether it’s for mechanical or electrical failures, repairs and/or replacement parts, or general labour, Amazon’s certified protection plans guarantee your unit instantly.

  • Extended warranty protection plan
  • Fast shipping with ETA
  • Amazon Prime

2. Wayfair

Wayfair is the largest marketplace for home products, furnishings and services. Their curated selection of brands offers a wide variety of products that are designed to inspire your interior space. Their loyalty program MyWay gives a customized shopping experience with free shipping on everything, discounted home services (assembly and upgraded delivery options), insider sales, free 1-day shipping on a selection of items, and 25% off professional design services. Wayfair’s affordable prices can even be broken down into monthly instalment payments with PayBright and insider pricing for businesses.

  • PayBright (monthly instalment payments)
  • Insider pricing for businesses
  • MyWay Loyalty program

3. Ebay

Ebay’s large online community utilizes its product, seller, and customer ratings to ensure feedback and reviews as a priority in quality and value. With displayed product comparisons, savings, and similar items, Ebay’s marketplace generates a customer based approach to satisfy your needs according to what people are saying. With an additional 3-Year-Protection plan from SquareTrade (offered for Canadians), Ebay offers their own Money Back Guarantee policy to secure your satisfaction and resolve any issues.

  • Ebay Money Back Guarantee + 30 Day Returns
  • 3-Year-Protection Plans (Canada only)
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Seller’s track record

Benefits of Purchasing Online

When purchasing a mini split ac, you may be debating whether purchasing online or directly from a seller or installer is the best option. Given that buying online has become a standard method of purchase, the pros outweigh the cons. 

List of Benefits

  • Track Order
  • Match Pricing
  • Customer feedback
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Wide range of products and brands
  • Product Comparisons / Similar items
  • Avoid impulsive or misinformed purchases
  • Online forums that are unbiased towards a product
  • Mobile friendly applications allow you to buy on the go

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