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Using a Mini Split AC for an Indoor Grow Room

Jul 3rd 2016

For anyone considering a hydroponic setup or indoor grow room, controlling the temperature is important to any grower. Grow lights tend to make the room hot, and subsequently it can affect your crop or their yields. So how do you get all that hot air out of the room?

Usually you will want to have some sort of ventilation to remove hot air and circulate cool air back into the room. A simple exhaust fan, and vent can usually do the trick, but what if you need more temperature control? What if you have to many lights and simple ventilation won’t reduce the temperature? Many growers are now turning to mini split air conditioners to help control climate in grow rooms and hydroponic grows.

Why Mini Split ACs are Perfect for Grow Room

Since a mini split air conditioner is relatively easy to setup, it can easily be installed onto almost any room, and also has enough power to minimize the heat caused by having numerous grow lamps. Not only will it reduce heat, but it will also give you complete control over the temperature of the room, providing the perfect climate for your plants.

Mini Split Grow Room Diagram

For some, self-installation is important since you may not want an HVAC installer snooping around your setup, and that’s another key to mini split systems. Since they are relatively easy to install, generally you can complete most of the work yourself, meaning you get professional climate control, without the need of having a professional install the system or see your grow room.

Some Considerations for your Mini Split and Grow Room

  • Find a mini split air conditioner that is easy to install. This will help minimize professional costs, and make the mini split more affordable for your grow room.
  • Adjust the power of the system upwards to take into consideration the number of lights and heat sources inside your grow room.
  • You will be putting strain on the mini split system, so opting for a cheaper system might be better, as over time they are over worked and likely will need to be replaced.

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