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Reduce Sleeping Stress with a Mini Split

Oct 29th 2019

Reduce Sleeping Stress with a Mini Split

Sleep stress gets the best of us when insomnia, late night thoughts, or restlessness occur. Given that your issues have persisted throughout the years or are recent, sometimes falling asleep and staying asleep both feel impossible. While natural methods and remedies such as regular exercise, proper diet, and reducing stimulant intake, are all part of asserting a balanced lifestyle, sometimes a simple change in environment is just enough for you to become at ease. Although we suggest you speak to your doctor if your issues are unbearable or lead to severe problems, below we have listed some benefits mini splits offer for you to becoming a better sleeper.

4 Top Benefits

  1. Precise Optimal Temperatures
    Climate stimulates your need to sleep and enhances your nighttime journey through the different sleep stages. Between 60-67 degree Fahrenheit is perfect for sleeping and entering sleep stages. With a remote control, being able to get down to the exact degree is easier than ever.
  2. Improve Sleep Quality 
    Cool air is proven to improve sleep quality, when our bodies temperature naturally decrease, this signals for us to slow down and fall asleep. With more cool air in the room, your body will naturally adjust as your melatonin levels increase. Leaving your body to enter its natural sleep stages, thus giving you a better night's sleep. 
  3. Improves Melatonin
    Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates your sleep and wake cycles. Colder temperatures stimulate your body's natural ability to produce more melatonin, which become elevated with a colder temperature. A higher dose of melatonin can bring on sleepiness, thus lowering your own body temperature.
  4. Reduces Stress / Insomnia 
    Regulating temperature allows for you body to cool down when its time for bed. On average, someone who suffers from insomnia will have a higher body temperature than those who don't. Consequently, when we are sleep deprived or if our sleep cycle is disrupted, our hormone levels become altered leaving it to be even more difficult to fall asleep.

Tips to Reduce Sleep Stress

  • Prioritize your health
  • Try to not nap during the day
  • Create an evening routine and stick to it
  • Reduce your caffein intake or other stimulants
  • Leave your windows open as much as possible
  • Try to not nap during the day
  • Turn off electronics before bed

While sleep stress can be controlled, your bedroom temperature too can have a large impact on how you sleep. Since our bodies naturally drop degrees once we are asleep, creating a similar environment with no distractions encourages our ability to fall and stay asleep. By incorporating a mini split into your bedroom, the benefits it can have on your natural sleep cycle will create the perfect sleep setting. Finally, if your problems do persist, we highly recommend you seek professional help. While this article suggests different methods to improve your sleep habits, some require a more demanding approach to determine the cause of their problems.