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Keeping Your Food Truck Cool with a Mini Split AC

Jan 29th 2019

Keeping Your Food Truck Cool with a Mini Split AC

If you operate a food truck, particularly in a warmer region of the country, you have struggled with extreme temperatures in your kitchen. So what can you do to keep the temperature in your food truck kitchen cool?

One of the growing trends is to retrofit a mini split air conditioner to your food truck kitchen. If you have a sufficient power supply on your food truck, a mini split ac is an easy and affordable option to keep the kitchen temperature under control.If you aren’t familiar with a mini split air conditioner, they are made up of an outdoor unit and indoor unit. The outdoor unit can often be mounted to the outside of the truck, with the indoor unit inside the kitchen, to provide the additional cooling needed.

  • Easily installed onto a food truck.
  • Can be installed when the truck is being built or retro fitted on to virtually any food truck.
  • Keeps the kitchen cool and comfortable

This can be particularly useful if you are operating a food truck in Southern California or Florida where summer temperatures break the 100’s. A mini split air conditioner is a great way to make your food trucks space cool and workable for the summer season.

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