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How Much Does A Mini Split System Actually Cost?

Jun 14th 2016

Turns out your planning to buy an air conditioner for your home this summer, but you’re trying to get a grasp of what the actual cost is. We’ve taken a look at various installations and various mini split systems, and here is the break down on what a mini split air conditioning system actually costs.

If you are looking for an installation including both system and labor, you’ll likely be looking at the highest possible costs. Most installers who will provide you with the system as well, will be looking to make profit on both the system and the labor. What our research shows, a complete mini split system with installation, packaged together is approximately $5000. Opting to purchase your mini split system and labor separately may be the more affordable option.

Tips to Getting the Lowest Cost Mini Split System with Installation

Purchasing your mini split system and labor separately can usually save you quite a bit of money. Here are a few things you can do to minimize your overall costs.The key here is to minimize the cost of both your mini split and labor.

  • Shop around for an installer that is willing to install a system, and doesn’t have a particular affiliation to any brand. This will usually significantly reduce your installation costs, by upwards of 50%.
  • Purchase your mini split system separately, this will also save you several hundred dollars over the purchase price an installer would offer it to you at.
  • Opt for a lesser known brand, and save even more. Most mini split systems are manufactured in the same factory, regardless of their brand, which means you get the same quality for less.

So what does a mini split system actually cost? Depending on your options, BTU size, and number of zones, a mini split system with installation will usually cost you between $1000 for a smaller single zone system, to up to $5000 for a large multi-zone system.

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