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5 Best Mini Split Air Conditioners for Your Money

Jun 17th 2016

If you are in the market for a mini split air conditioner or ductless heat pump, you may be up in arms over which brand you should go with. We’ve taken a look at some of the best selling mini split brands, and listed the top 5 mini split air conditioners on the market. Remember, mini split air conditioners can be easily installed in virtually any room, and allow for powerful cooling or heating, all year round.

While mini split air conditioners have been used around the world for decades, more recently their popularity has grown in the United States and Canada. Whether you’re familiar or unfamiliar with mini split ACs, here is our list of the 5 Best Mini Split Sytems currently on the market.

1) LG Artcool Inverter Series

The LG Artcool Inverter mini split offers up to 76 percent over a standard air conditioner, making it the number one choice for homeowners concerned with energy efficiency and electric costs. The LG Artcool Series offers a number of mini split systems ranging from 9000 BTU up to 22000 BTU, with multi-filter technology, ultra quiet performance, and powerful cooling/heating technology.

2) Samsung MAX Series

With an auto clean, and bacteria killing filter, the Samsung MAX Series, is great for health conscious users with a preferencefor air quality and minimizing allergens. Designed with a special filter to remove odors and bacteria, the filter also lasts for up to 500 hours. Built with Samsung’s tropical compressor system, the Samsung MAX is great for the hottest climates, with up to 75 percent performance at 140 degrees, making it great for the Caribbean and the Middle East.

3) Senville AURA Series

Senville AURA Series With an Energy Star Certification, and up to 25 SEER on some models, and an anti-bacterial filter, the Senville AURA Series combines efficiency, air quality and affordability, into an eco-friendly mini split system. Giving you the latest technology, while remaining budget friendly, the Senville AURA Series, offers 7 stage air filtration, ultra quiet cooling and heating, up to -22 F degrees.

4) GREE TERRA Series

Enjoy up to a 27 SEER Rating, which means up to a 60 percent energy savings compared to a lower efficiency air conditioner. The GREE Terra Series is equipped with a low power DC Inverter which minimizes energy consumption, and is ideal for the energy conscious homeowner. The TERRA Series also features heating, cooling, four-way directional air vents, and a specially designed air filter that helps reduce bacteria, allergens and air-borne odors in your home.

5) Fujitsu Halycon

Fujitsu Halcyon offers a minimal and low impact design, the helps the mini split fit into any room in your home or business. Its quiet compressor, and quiet indoor head, make the Fujitsu Halcyon mini split ac one of the quietest in the industry. Offered in 18000 BTU, 24000 BTU, 30000 BTU, 36000 BTU models, the Fujitsu Halcyon can be installed in virtually any room.

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