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4 Myths About Mini Split Air Conditioners

Oct 9th 2019

4 Myths About Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini splits have only made their way into America and North America within the last few years. While there is some skepticism about these units, ductless units have established themselves are reputable and reliable appliances. Below, we debunk some myths about mini splits so you can be as well informed on the subject.

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Myth 1: "Heat pumps are not practical in cold climate"

Wrong! Mini splits make it easier than ever to maintain, clean, and protect. Unlike central systems or larger appliances, ductless mini splits can be maintained without the need for a professional. Simply confirm that the unit is not obstructed, clean components and coils with a soft/dry cloth, and stay alert for any mold, ice, or moisture build up. Should more severe conditions occur or if general cleaning is not sufficient, contact trusted HVAC professionals who can treat or decontaminate your unit.

Myth 2: "Old homes or offices cannot house a mini split"

Nope… Mini splits are designed to be installed almost anywhere in your home or office. Without the need to worry about ductwork, mini splits offer more flexibility when it comes to placement. Although it is advised to contract an HVAC technician, these professionals can strategically place your unit for maximum comfort and efficiency. Whether you require a mini split in an old home or a large office space, they provide full coverage of any sized room. Check out our sizing guide to find out which unit best suits your needs.

Myth 3: "Expensive"

False! While most assume that a mini split comes with a large price tag, the operating costs of a central air conditioner outweigh the upfront costs of a mini split. Not to mention, the duct work, installation prices, operating costs, and repair costs should all be considered when purchasing any unit. In order to find the cheapest unit on the market, doing prior research is key. Be sure to shop around before committing to just any kind of unit. Take into consideration where you plan to install the unit, which brands are reputable, and how much coverage is needed.

Myth 4: "Mini Splits can only be installed high up on the ceiling"

In fact... Mini splits are incredibly versatile! Which makes them attractive to home and business owners. From wall, floor, to ceiling mounted units, mini splits come in a variety of options. For those who lack wall space, there are alternatives to being able to incorporate a mini split into your everyday life. Floor mounted units are compact and designed to prevent the pump from freezing. Some have even opted to replace their radiators with floor units as they only require half of the space and are easy to clean.


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