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3 Tips to Prepare your Mini Split Air Conditioner for Spring

Feb 20th 2019

3 Tips to Prepare your Mini Split Air Conditioner for Spring

Spring is around the corner and it’s important to be proactive and to keep preventive maintenance in order to catch issues before they get worse. By having consistent maintenance, it can help increase the energy efficiency by 40% and reduces the chances of having technical problems by 90%. The first thing that comes in mind is scheduling an appointment with an HVAC technician and that is definitely the best solution. However, there’s some steps you can do yourself before calling a technician.

Change the Air Filters

We often hear about spring cleaning and according to an online survey conducted by Clorox, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, 66% of Americans participate in spring cleaning. As much as important it is to clean your house, it is also crucial to change air filters during the season transition in order to start fresh. Not only it will purify the air you breathe, it will also increase the efficiency of the unit, because dust can reduce efficiency and may cause further problems.

Fix the Thermostat

The obvious reflex in season transition is to lower the indoor temperature but spring has many ups and downs in temperature and constantly fixing the temperature might become overwhelming. However, using a wifi thermostat makes your life much easier. You can control the temperature from anywhere simply by using the app. It also helps you save up until 25% on your energy bills. If you’re interested in buying one, click on this link:

Check the Outdoor Unit and Condensate Drain

It is very important to remove the dust and other particulates that accumulated on the compressor so it can blow fresh air. As for the condensation drain, you need to check if there’s no cracks or damages and if that’s the case, the issue has to be addressed right away in order to avoid bigger problems.

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