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Looking for accessories for a mini split air conditioner? We have a wide selection of insulated line sets, mounting brackets and remote controls for mini split air conditioners.

Accessories are essential for enhancing the performance and functionality of your mini split air conditioner. In this category, you will find a comprehensive selection of accessories specifically designed for mini split air conditioners.

One of the key products in this category is the insulated line sets, available in various sizes to suit different installation requirements. These line sets ensure efficient and effective cooling by preventing condensation and maintaining the integrity of the refrigerant lines. Additionally, mounting brackets are also available to securely and conveniently install your mini split air conditioner both indoors and outdoors.

For added convenience and control, remote controls are available for various mini split air conditioner models. From wired remote control thermostats to WiFi-enabled remote controls, you can easily adjust temperature settings and fan speeds from anywhere in your home.

Furthermore, this category also includes accessories such as line set cover kits, condensate removal pumps, R410A adapters, and brass unions to help you maintain and optimize the performance of your mini split air conditioner.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current mini split system or need accessories for a new installation, this category has everything you need to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your mini split air conditioner. Shop our wide selection of accessories today and experience the ultimate comfort and convenience that a mini split air conditioner can provide.
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