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Senville 5.5L Cool Mist Humidifier - SENHU-55


Disperse cool mist in your living spaces, office and home with the Senville Ultra-Sonic Humidifier with a 5.5L capacity. Designed for efficient use and ultra-quiet performance, with Auto-Shutoff. Easy refill tank allows quick humidifier to quickly be refilled for continuous use.

  • Ultra-sonic cool mist output design allows up to 40 hours of ultra-quiet continuous use on the lowest mist setting.
  • Illuminated controls, with mist settings which can easily be adjusted, timer setting, and quiet mode
  • Large tank provided 5.5 litre output, with unique tank design and easy-refill.
  • Includes power adapter and meets US voltage requirements, safety-rested, and 1 year warranty.

Senville 5.5L Cool Mist Humidifier - SENHU-55 Reviews

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