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24000 BTU Multi Zone Ceiling Cassette Indoor Unit


MSRP $USD: $799.99
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Product Overview

The 24000 BTU Multi Zone Ceiling Cassette Indoor Unit by Senville® is a versatile and customizable addition to your mini-split system. With the option to mix and match multi-zone outdoor units with various styles and combinations, you have the flexibility to create a system that best meets your needs.

Whether you prefer a wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, duct, or ceiling mount indoor unit, the Build Your Own system allows you to choose the perfect combination for your space. You can select from a range of outdoor condensers, such as the SENA-18HF/MOZ for 2 zones or the SENA/48HF/MOZ for up to 5 zones, to create the ideal setup for your home or business.

The indoor air handlers come in different sizes and styles, so you can ensure compatibility with your chosen outdoor unit. By referring to the Multi-Zone Combinations Specifications Sheet, you can easily determine the right combination for your specific requirements.

Included with the 24000 BTU Multi Zone Ceiling Cassette Indoor Unit are the indoor unit itself, an infrared remote control for convenient operation, an installation kit with size options available, installation and user manuals for easy setup, and a manufacturer warranty (labor not included) for peace of mind.

Experience the comfort and efficiency of a customizable mini-split system with the Senville® 24000 BTU Multi Zone Ceiling Cassette Indoor Unit. Upgrade your climate control system today and enjoy personalized comfort in every room.