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Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale Mini Split Systems

At Senville, we are dedicated to providing our network of distributors with excellent pricing and service. Senville mini split air conditioners were first introduced to the North American market in 2005. Sales have grown annually at an exponential rate, in part due to our committed effort to providing our partners with highly reliable, efficient and affordable products.

Distribution Throughout the World

Senville has been manufacturing split air conditioner systems since 2001, introducing an efficient product to the largely unexplored North American market. Our goal is to expand the brand in the US and Canada. We are equipped to drop ship air conditioners anywhere in Canada and the United States. If you wish to represent our product in your region, please send an email to sales@senville.com or give us a call toll free at 1-800-242-4935 ext. 25.

Mini Splits Designed for Contractors

Senville provides efficient products at very affordable prices. All Senville units are equipped with state of the art technology that far exceeds the minimum industry standards, a claim supported by certification from several highly trusted industry- and consumer-related agencies. Thanks to these features, Senville split air conditioners qualify for numerous tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives in virtually every US state. Our units are ideal for new building or renovation projects.

Find out about our wide variety of drop shipping options. Never carry inventory, and easily sell mini split air conditioners, while we take care of the rest. For pricing information, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department.

Benefits of the Senville Brand

  • Superior pricing system
  • Drop shipping to any North American destination
  • Sales and installation leads in your area
  • Excellent post-sale technical support and customer service
  • Product Registration

Extensive Distribution Network

Installer Network - USA - Canada
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