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9000 BTU Ceiling Cassette (SENA-09HF-ICZ)

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Product Overview

The Senville 9000 BTU Ceiling Cassette (SENA-09HF-ICZ) is the perfect addition to your multi-zone mini-split system. With the ability to mix and match outdoor units with various styles and combinations, you have the flexibility to create the ideal cooling solution for your space.

Choose from wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, duct, or ceiling mounts to suit your specific needs. The Senville build your own mini-split system allows you to customize your setup for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Pair the 9000 BTU Ceiling Cassette with a multi-zone outdoor condenser, such as the SENA-18HF/MOZ, SENA-30HF/MOZ, SENA-36HF/MOZ, or SENA-48HF/MOZ to create a 2 to 5 zone cooling system. Verify compatibility with our Multi-Zone Combinations Specifications Sheet for a complete list of available styles and size combinations.

Included with the 9000 BTU Ceiling Cassette is the indoor unit, an infrared remote control, installation kit (size options available), installation manual, user's manual, and manufacturer warranty (labor not included). With Senville, you can trust that you are receiving a high-quality product backed by reliable customer service.

Upgrade your cooling system with the Senville 9000 BTU Ceiling Cassette and enjoy personalized comfort and energy savings all year round. Experience the convenience and performance of a customizable mini-split system with Senville.