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9000 BTU AURA Series Indoor Unit (SENA/09HF/I)

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Product Overview

The 9000 BTU AURA Series Indoor Unit (SENA/09HF/I) is a powerful and efficient air conditioning unit designed to keep your space cool and comfortable. With a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU, this unit is ideal for rooms up to 450 square feet in size, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and small office spaces.

Equipped with advanced features, the AURA Series Indoor Unit is designed for maximum comfort and convenience. The unit features a built-in ionizer that helps purify the air by removing pollutants and allergens, creating a healthier indoor environment. The unit also has a dehumidification mode that helps control humidity levels, reducing moisture in the air for added comfort.

The AURA Series Indoor Unit is also incredibly quiet, with a noise level of only 25 decibels in low mode, making it perfect for use in bedrooms or other quiet spaces. The unit also features a sleep mode that automatically adjusts the temperature for optimal comfort while you sleep.

Installation is simple and easy, with the unit able to be mounted on the wall for a clean and unobtrusive look. The unit is also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control it remotely from your smartphone or tablet for added convenience.

Overall, the 9000 BTU AURA Series Indoor Unit (SENA/09HF/I) is a powerful, efficient, and convenient air conditioning solution for your home or office. Stay cool and comfortable all year round with this high-performance unit.