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36000 BTU Multi Zone Outdoor Unit (2-4 Zones)


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Product Overview

The Senville 36000 BTU Multi Zone Outdoor Unit (2-4 Zones) is the perfect solution for those looking to create a customized mini-split system for their home or office. With the ability to mix and match multi-zone outdoor units with various styles and combinations, you have the freedom to design a system that fits your specific needs.

Choose from wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, duct, or ceiling mount indoor air handlers to create the perfect combination for your space. The outdoor condensers available include the SENA-18HF/MOZ for 2 zones, the SENA-30HF/MOZ for 2 to 3 zones, the SENA-36HF/MOZ for 2 to 4 zones, and the SENA-48HF/MOZ for 2 to 5 zones.

With the Senville Build Your Own mini-split system, you can easily verify indoor/outdoor compatibility by viewing the Multi-Zone Combinations Specifications Sheet for a complete list of styles and size combinations. This ensures that you can create a system that works seamlessly together for optimal performance.

Included with the outdoor unit are the installation manual, user's manual, and manufacturer warranty (labor not included). This makes it easy to install and use your new multi-zone system with confidence.

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your HVAC needs. With the Senville 36000 BTU Multi Zone Outdoor Unit, you can create a customized system that meets your exact specifications and provides efficient and effective climate control for your space.