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24000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner - Heat Pump - SENA/24HF


Control the comfort of virtually any room or space with our high efficiency cold climate heat pumps. As part of our AURA Series, our wall mounted mini split air conditioners offer you efficient heating (up to -30C/-22F) and cooling, with up to 25 SEER and 10.3 HSPF on heating. Enjoy consistent climate control and comfort with minimal electrical consumption, thanks to our DC Inverter, variable speed compressor, with ENERGYSTAR Certification.


Key Product Features

  • 20 SEER (CEE Tier 2)
  • With Heat Pump (Up to -30C / -22F)
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Whisper Technology (Ultra Quiet)
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection
  • Inverter Technology
  • Silver Ion Filter (Anti-Microbial)
  • Vertical Swing Function
  • Built-In De-humidification Function
  • Find Me Function (Remote with Built-In Thermostat)
  • Low Ambient Cooling (Up to -30C / -22F)
  • Self-Cleaning Mode
  • PTC Heat Belt and Pan
  • Bucket Free Outdoor Design
  • Self Diagnosis System

Documentation and Certifications

Technical Specifications

Senville Model # SENA/24HF
Power supply Ph-V-Hz 208-230V~  60Hz, 1Ph
Cooling Capacity                      Btu/h 24000
Input            W 1920
Rated current    A 8.4
EER         BTU/w 13
SEER BTU/w 20.5
Heating Capacity         Btu/h 24000
Input            W 2500
Rated current    A 10.9
COP W/W 2.81
HSPF4 BTU/w 11.5
HSPF5 BTU/w 9.6
Outdoor Operating Temp.   C/F -30/-22
  Type    ROTARY
Brand    GMCC
Indoor Air Flow (High/Medium/Low) m3/h 1350/1100/850
Indoor Air Flow (High/Medium/Low) CFM 794/647/500
Indoor Noise Level (High/Medium/Low) dB(A)  47.5 /44/36.5
Indoor unit Dimension (W*D*H) mm 1186x258x343
Dimension (W*D*H) inch 46.69x10.16x13.39
Packing (W*D*H) mm 1265x340x420
Packing (W*D*H) inch 49.80x13.39x16.53
Net/Gross weight   kg 18.2/22.8
Net/Gross weight   lbs 40.12/50.26
Outdoor noise level         dB(A) 60
Outdoor unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 946x410x810
Dimension(W*D*H) inch 37.24/16.14/31.89
Packing  (W*D*H) mm 1090x500x875
Packing  (W*D*H) inch 42.91x19.69x34.45
Net/Gross weight   kg 61.5/67.5
Net/Gross weight   lbs. 135.58/148.81
Refrigerant Type g R410A/2600
Refrigerant Type oz R410A/91.7
Refrigerant Precharge ft 25
Additional Charge For Each ft oz 0.322
Refrigerant piping Liquid side/ Gas side   inch 3/8" & 5/8"
Max. refrigerant pipe length    m 50
Max. refrigerant pipe length    ft 164
Max. difference in level        m 25
Max. difference in level        ft 82
Connection wiring       16AWG*4  Stranded, unshielded

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