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12000 BTU Concealed Duct Indoor Unit (SENA/12HF/ID)

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Product Overview

The 12000 BTU Concealed Duct Indoor Unit (SENA/12HF/ID) is a powerful and versatile cooling solution for your home or office space. With its sleek design and compact size, this indoor unit is perfect for spaces where aesthetics are a priority.

This unit is equipped with a powerful 12000 BTU cooling capacity, ensuring that your space stays comfortable even in the hottest of temperatures. The concealed duct design allows for discreet installation, making it ideal for spaces where a traditional wall-mounted unit may not be feasible.

The SENA/12HF/ID indoor unit features a range of advanced features, including a programmable timer, remote control operation, and multiple fan speeds for personalized comfort. The unit also boasts a quiet operation, ensuring that it won't disrupt your daily activities.

With its energy-efficient design, this indoor unit can help you save on your energy bills while keeping your space cool and comfortable. The unit is also easy to maintain, with a washable filter that helps to remove dust and other allergens from the air.

Overall, the 12000 BTU Concealed Duct Indoor Unit (SENA/12HF/ID) is a reliable and effective cooling solution for any space. Whether you're looking to cool a bedroom, living room, or office, this unit has you covered. Say goodbye to the discomfort of hot, stuffy rooms and enjoy the cool comfort of this high-quality indoor unit.