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About Senville

Product Excellence Award

Industry Experience You Can Rely On.

For Senville, cooling down or warming up are more than just features listed on a unit’s packaging. When producing our ductless mini split air conditioner heat pumps, we put great effort into each unit and back it with our superb 7-year-warranty for your benefit. Many customers choose us for the excellent customer service we provide every step of the way. In the end, Senville machines are chosen for their flawless design, utility, and reliability in fulfilling our customers cooling and heating needs.

Twenty years of industry experience has led Senville to a place where our confidence in our products is matched by a unanimously positive customer response. Senville air conditioners are powerful machines that get the job done, period. In addition to our units’ unwavering reliability, Senville recognizes that we can no longer be ignorant of the impact heating and cooling appliances may have on the world. This is why we at Senville are also committed to making more efficient products—and we have.

Ultra-High SEER Mini Splits

Our products have SEERs (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) of 23.5, far exceeding industry standards. Their ENERGY STAR Certification, a testament to their environmental friendliness, but also to their effectiveness as cooling and heating machines. The degree of Senville air conditioner efficiency is so high that in virtually every state, our units qualify for hundreds or thousands of dollars in cash back rebates, tax credits, or other incentives for purchasing energy efficient machines (contact us for more).

Making Heating and Cooling Solutions for You

In addition to our ENERGY STARtm and AHRI certifications, we also have the backing of HVAC organizations and manufacturing industry certificates such as CE, UL, ETL, ISO9001, ISO14001, and more. The full support of the industry and its authorities indicates a quality of product and a dedication to our air conditioners which is verified by our customers, many of whom are referred to us by previous customers. We are Senville, and we are committed to you.

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