Energy Star split or ductless air conditioners may be one of the best ways to reduce your cooling and heating costs in your home, office, business, garage, or even warehouse.

Making sure that your air conditioner is Energy Star certified, can often mean average savings of a few hundred dollars in a year. It all adds up over the long-term use of your air conditioner, and over 10 years, you can save thousands!

Generally for an air conditioner to meet Energy Star requirements, it will likely require a SEER rating above 18. This usually means that your air conditioner is the most modern and most efficient technology.

What should you be looking for when buying an air conditioner? Regardless of whether it is a split air conditioner, ductless, window, or even central, you simply need to keep you eyes open for the Energy Star Seal. If a product carries the Energy Star logo, then you know it is efficient and a cost-saver in the long-run.

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