Senville Introduces WiFi Enabled Offering of Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heating Products

On 2019 Sep 6th

Senville's full lineup of energy efficient mini split air conditioners and heat pumps have been redesigned to incorporate WiFi and smart controls to meet demand for growing cloud-based control of appliances. Senville’s products will now allow customers to control systems via Google Home Assistant, with plans to integrate Amazon’s Alexa in the near future. By allowing smart controls and remote control of the system from virtually anywhere, consumers can now minimize energy consumption and save more on energy bills, as well as cut carbon emmisions. Senville is an e-commerce leader of high-technology heating, and air conditioning solutions in the United States and Canada.

“As a manufacturer and leading online retailer of HVAC solutions, Senville is dedicated to delivering innovative products that are more efficient, and meet the technological demands of our customers” said Andy Mizrahi, Executive Director of Senville. “Senville is ready to deliver the technology needed for the internet-connected home.”

Senville innovated its entire product line to achieve smart-enabled devices that can be controlled globally, improving the efficiency for residential and business use, but also for the growing rental-property segment, that requires virtual control of heating and cooling systems.

  • The AURA Series was upgraded to include WiFi Control on all systems, allowing secured cloud based controls via the Senville app, available in the Apple App Store, as well as Google Play.
  • The LETO Series now includes a WiFi slot, which allows consumers to upgrade to smart-controls via a USB Kit that can be purchased separately.
  • Both systems can be controlled via Google Home Assistant, while Alexa integration will be available within the next year.

In prior product lines, customers were only able to control systems via an IR Remote control, and would rely on the system itself to maintain efficiency and temperature. With the inclusion of smart controls, customers can set schedules, and control the system remotely, increasing efficiency upwards of 20%.

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