Maintaining your air conditioner can help to improve its lifespan and efficiency in the short term. Cleaning filters and simple maintenance can add years to the lifespan of your air conditioner. Follow these simple tips!

Cleaning Filters

One of the easiest things you can do is clean your air conditioners filters on a regular basis. Dust and debris can clog your filters, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioner and reducing the air quality entering your home. Simply remove your air conditioners front face, by following your manufacturers instruction manual, and clear out any dust and debris lodged in the filters.

Protecting the Outdoor Unit

Protecting your the outdoor unit of your air conditioner can help prevent maintenance issues in the future. If you haven’t installed your air conditioner yet, and live in a climate that is subject to harsh winters, elevating your air conditioner can help protect it from water and snow buildups. Make sure water doesn’t pool up around the outdoor unit of your air conditioner and she’ll run like she’s brand new for years.

Use Auto Functions

Might sound silly, but using auto-functions and timers can not only help you reduce energy costs, but can also reduce strain on your air conditioners compressor. Setting the air conditioner to turn on shortly before you come home can help you reduce costs and keep your air conditioner running well for years!

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