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50 Gallon Heat Pump Water Heater


This water heater is a great investment and value. It offers $900 in energy savings and a 5-year warranty period for an additional $380 in savings. Plus, it includes features like Leak Detection and Over-Load Protection for added peace-of-mind and flexibility.

  • Energy Star Certified cost savings: saves up to $900 in energy costs with energy saver and economy modes
  • Easy to adjust and view status: set modes, adjust temperature and view system status information from the water heater’s built-in LED display
  • Great investment and value: warranty is six years longer and the water heater includes added features
  • More hot water: 10 more gallons available per hour compared to competing models making it ideal for 3-5 person households or homes with 3+ bathrooms
  • Easy to maintain: self-cleaning feature improves tank longevity and maintains efficiency by preventing sediment buildup
  • Longer lasting: designed with premium components, like our stainless steel elements and backed by a 5 year warranty
  • A reliable hot water solution from Senville, the leader in heating solutions
  • Designed for durability: choose a water heater that will last
  • Panasonic Compressor (R134A Refrigerant)

Technical Specifications

Format     All-in-one  
Running models   Economy Auto E-heater
Running ambient temp. ℉/ Deg C 45~120 (7.2-48.9) 45~120(7.2-48.9) -5~130(-20-54.4)
Outwater Temp. ℉/ Deg C Default 125℉,100℉~140℉ (38-60 Default 51.7)
Power supply Ph-V-Hz 1-208~240-60
Storage size / water tank vol. in Liter (gal.) Ltr 190L (50.19 gal)
Water heating Heating Capacity kW 1.50 1.50 4.27
Heating power input kW 0.39 0.39 4.50
Max. power input kW 0.80 4.50 4.50
Ef - 2.60 2.60 0.85
FHR US Gal 60 62.00 60.00
Heating current input A 1.7 19.00 19.00
Starting current A 11.6 19.00 19.00
Max. current input A 11.6 21.0 21.0
COP (Heating Cap./ H. Power input) W/W 3.85 3.85 0.98
Ambient temp. ℉/ Deg C -5~130℉(-20-54.4)
Tank unit Net Dimension (D×H) mm  Φ560×1760
Packing dimension (W×H×D) mm  695×1805×685 / 695×1930×685(add panel)
Net weight kg 102
Gross weight kg 116 / 125(add panel)
Hot water outlet L/h 34.4
Additional electrical heater capacity kW 4.5
Additional electrical heater current A 19
Noise level dB(A) 48
Refrigerant type/quantity kg R134a/0.8
Refrigerant design pressure   PSIA 331/86 at Ambient 70℉
Tank design pressure PSI 150
  Tank outer   Powder Coated
MATERIALS: Tank inner   Enamel
  Split housing   Powder Coated
Throttling type   Electric expansion vavle
System protection   TCO,  PT valve, Over-Load Protector Temp. Electric Leakage Protector etc.
Air flow m³/h 370/280/200
Compressor Model   H092C6RFAAC2
Type   Rotary
Brand   Panasonic
Input kW 0.39
Fan motor Model   YDK12-4H
Brand   Welling
Input w 30
Speed r/min 970/750/550
Water pipeline Water inlet pipe   NPT 3/4
Water outlet pipe   NPT 3/4
Drainage pipe   NPT 3/4
PT valve joint   NPT 3/4
Max. pressure MPa 1.0
Heat exchanger   Dividing Wall Type Heat Exchanger
E-heater kW 4.5×2
  outdoor ambient temp. ℉ / Deg. C DB/WB 20/15℃
Measurement water inlet temp. ℉ / Deg. C 15℃
/ test conditions water outlet temp. ℉ / Deg. C 55℃
  Energy Star     Yes  
Certification UL     Yes  


small-warning.pngWarning: California Proposition 65

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