36000 BTU Central Mini Split System - SENDC-36HF

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Product Overview

The Senville Central Mini Split System allows you to upgrade your existing central system to the latest in DC Inverter Technology. With the same energy efficiency as a standard mini split, you can enjoy up to 30% in energy savings compared to a traditional central system. You can even connect traditional mini split indoor units to additional rooms using the same outdoor condenser. This means you can get that extra cooling or heating where you need in the most.

Technical Specifications

Series Hyper heat
Indoor Model  
Outdoor Model  
Power supply Rated  V, Ph, Hz 208/230, 1, 60
Voltage range V 187-253
Cooling Rated Capacity (range)                     Btu/h 36000(12000~47400)
Input power           W 3300
Rated current    A 14.8
EER         Btu/w 10.5
SEER Btu/w 18
Heating at 47℉ Rated Capacity (range)                     Btu/h 40000(9000~57200)
Input power W 3400
Rated current    A 14.8
COP W/W 3.45
HSPF4      Btu/w 10.5
HSPF5 Btu/w 8.5
Heating at 5℉ (-15℃) Capacity Btu/h 43300
COP W/W 1.8
The Rated Input Current of The Power Conversion Equipment A 3.5
MAX. FUSE (Indoor unit) A 15.0
Indoor fan motor Model    ZKFD-375-8-1
Qty.   1
Input power           W 168.0
Output power W 375.0
HP 1/2
Fan motor load current (RLA)  A -
Speed(Hi/Mi/Lo) r/min -
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 1840/1650/1470
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) CFM 1082.35/970.59/864.71
Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 46.8/44/41.3
Eeternal Static Pressure (ESP) Rated Pa 37
In. wc. 0.15
Range Pa 0-200
In. wc. 0-0.8
Throttle type   EEV for Cooling
Evaporator Number of rows / 3
Tube outside dia mm Φ7
Tube outside type / Inner groove tube
Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b) mm 21x13.37
Fin spacing mm 1.6
Fin type (code) / Hydrophilic aluminum
Coil length x height x width mm 415*426*53.48*2
Number of circuits / 4
Indoor unit Dimension (W×D×H) mm 534x534x1245
inch 21.02x21.02x49.02
Packing (W×D×H) mm 640x620x1380
inch 25.20x24.41x54.33
Net/Gross weight kg 58.6/70.6
lbs. 129.19/155.64
Refrigerant piping Liquid side/Gas side mm 9.52/19
inch 3/8" / 3/4"
Drainage water pipe diameter inch 3/4
Connection wiring       14AWG*2  Stranded, shielded
Communication protocol between IDU and ODU   RS485+24V
Thermostat type Wireless remote controller   Standard
Wired Controller   n/a
Programmable wired Controller   Standard
WiFi   Optional
Room temperature Cooling 16~32
Heating 0~30
Application area (cooling Standard) m2  
Qty. per 20’/40’/40' HQ     
Indoor unit
Certification Performance AHRI Yes
E*Star -
Safety UL Yes


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