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1). Connect the charge hose to the charging cylinder, open the 2-way valve and the 3-way valve.

Connect the charge hose which you disconnected from the vacuum pump to the valve at the bottom of the cylinder. If the refrigerant is R410A, make the cylinder bottom up to ensure the liquid charge.

2). Purge the air from the charge hose.

Open the valve at the bottom of the cylinder and press the check valve on the charge set to purge the air (be careful of the liquid refrigerant).

3) Put the charging cylinder onto the electronic scale and record the weight.

4) Operate the air conditioner at the cooling mode.

5) Open the valves (Low side) on the charge set and charge the system with liquid refrigerant.

6).When the electronic scale displays the proper weight (refer to the table), disconnect the charge hose from the 3-way valve’s service port immediately and turn off the air conditioner before disconnecting the hose.

7). Mount the valve stem caps and the service port

Use torque wrench to tighten the service port cap to a torque of 18N.m.

Be sure to check for gas leakage.

Gas Quantity For Senville Air Conditioners

The pipe length and refrigerant amount:

Model Connective pipe length Air purging method

Additional amount of refrigerant to be charged

All Less than 5m Use vacuum pump ——————
9K/12K More than 5m Use vacuum pump (Pipe length – 5) × 20g/m
18K/24K More than 5m Use vacuum pump (Pipe length – 5) × 40g/m



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