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Frequently Asked Questions

Use our knowledge base to sift through a list of frequently asked questions about Senville air conditioners. If you have a questions, someone else has probably faced the same problem. Find a quick fix by reading the following frequently asked questions:

Why does my mini split show a P3 error code, what does that mean?

P3 error codes are linked to our Leto mini split air conditioners. It is a “low temperature protection” meaning that the outside temperature is below the minimal operating weather conditions. In other words, it should go away once the temperature outside gets warmer.

My mini split shows a P5 error code, what does that mean?

A P5 error is linked to our Dual Zone mini split heat pumps as a result of using your indoor systems in different modes (cooling or heating). Both indoor systems must be working in identical modes, so either both of them on cooling or heating. You can resort to “auto mode”, which would be the best way to go as it would give cooling or heating in a needed situation.

How to activate “forced cooling mode”?

Under the front panel, there is an 'emergency switch' button, press it two times, to activate the forced cooling, in order to defrost outside unit. Refer to the instructions below. diagram

What can I do in a case of excessive ice built up around my outdoor unit?

If you have noticed tremendous ice built up around your outdoor system due to harsh temperatures, you can always go into “forced cooling mode”. Forced cooling allows warm air to flow from your condenser eventually melting all of the ice around. If there is not warm air, you probably are low on refrigerant.

Why is there excessive ice built up around my air conditioners condenser?

1.Your system is low on refrigerant and you need to have an HVAC contractor to determine how much is needed and make sure there is no leaks. 2. Particularly when the outdoor temperature is around freezing point (0°C or °F) with a mix of high humidity, it is very easy for ice or frost build up on the outdoor unit. As long as the refrigerant your refrigerant level is fine, your unit will come back to normal.

Why is my mini split running even when my desired temperature is met?

It is quite normal if you’re the indoor unit of your mini split is constantly running even after meeting the set temperature, that is what we call Inverter Technology. To maintain the room temperature the system would automatically adjust its fan speed by drawing minimum output and eliminating the costly “on/off” cycle. *A unit draws its maximum when it is constantly turning off and on. *The only reason your air conditioners indoor unit would turn off is in defrost mode.

What is the E1 error code shown on the indoor unit right after my installation?

For freshly installed systems, when an E1 error appears on your indoor unit make sure you take a second look at your electrical wiring as there is a communication error between the indoor and outdoor systems of your air conditioner. Make sure that the “L1” is connected to the indoor unit’s “L1” and “L2” connected with “L2”. Please refer to our wiring diagram for more information.

My Senville mini split is operating below its minimal operating temperature, is this normal?

On the Aura series, there is no temperature protection, meaning that the system will still run but will produce little heat. Do not worry as the compressor does have an “overheat protection system” which will shut down your system to avoid any damages. There will be no harm to the compressor, but it would be better to switch to another heating source if the outdoor temperature is lower than 5F (-15C).

What is the minimal operating temperature my mini split air conditioner?

The minimal operating temperature does depend on the series you hold. Senville Aura Series: The minimal operating temperature on the Aura mini split air conditioners is - 4 °F / - 20 °C. Make sure you do not force the air conditioner to operate bellow the previous temperature as ice will build up around the outdoor unit very quickly. Senville Leto Series: The minimal operating temperature on the Leto mini split air conditioners is 5 °F / - 10 °C. Make sure you do not operate the unit bellow the previous temperature as ice will build up around the outdoor unit very quickly.

How do I convert my temperature reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

To change the temperature’s unit of measurement you need to start by identifying the “up and down” arrows on your remote control. Hold both buttons for a 10 second time frame and you will see the changed on your indoor mini split air evaporator as well as your remote control.

What is the distance required between the compressor outdoor and other obstacles?

Please refer to the following picture: Distance Between Wall

Do Senville units require any maintenance?

Senville units require minimal maintenance. Bellow you will find two recommended tasks:
  1. The air filters located on the indoor unit should be cleaned bi-weekly depending on usage. The air filter can be accessed easily and use damp cloth to clean. This will allow efficient air passage through the unit during all seasons. No cleaning products are required.
  2. When the unit is not operational, use the supplied Senville covers on the outdoor unit. This will prevent any outdoor surroundings such as dust from entering the outdoor unit.

Where can I find the wiring schematic for my Senville Mini Split unit?

The power cord of connect should be selected according to the following specifications sheet.
Rated current of appliance
Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²)

>3 and ≤6


>6 and ≤10


>10 and ≤16


>16 and ≤25


The cable size and the current of the fuse or switch are determined by the maximum current indicated on the nameplate which located on the side panel of the unit. Please refer to the nameplate before selecting the cable, fuse and switch.


What is the maximum length between the indoor and outdoor unit?

Connective pipe length
Air purging method
Additional amount of refrigerant to be charged
All Less than 5m Use vacuum pump ------------------
9K/12K More than 5m Use vacuum pump (Pipe length – 5) × 20g/m
18K/24K More than 5m Use vacuum pump (Pipe length – 5) × 40g/m
Model Standard length(m) Max.ElevationB (m) Max.LengthA (m)
9K/12K 5 8 20
18K/24K 5 10 25
Max Distance between Senville units Caution: Capacity test is based on standard length and maximum allowance length is based on system reliability. Always make sure you use a certified technician!

I have added additional Copper tubing; how much more refrigerant (R410A) is needed?


1). Connect the charge hose to the charging cylinder, open the 2-way valve and the 3-way valve.

Connect the charge hose which you disconnected from the vacuum pump to the valve at the bottom of the cylinder. If the refrigerant is R410A, make the cylinder bottom up to ensure the liquid charge.

2). Purge the air from the charge hose.

Open the valve at the bottom of the cylinder and press the check valve on the charge set to purge the air (be careful of the liquid refrigerant).

3) Put the charging cylinder onto the electronic scale and record the weight.

4) Operate the air conditioner at the cooling mode.

5) Open the valves (Low side) on the charge set and charge the system with liquid refrigerant.

6).When the electronic scale displays the proper weight (refer to the table), disconnect the charge hose from the 3-way valve’s service port immediately and turn off the air conditioner before disconnecting the hose.

7). Mount the valve stem caps and the service port

Use torque wrench to tighten the service port cap to a torque of 18N.m. Be sure to check for gas leakage. Gas Quantity For Senville Air Conditioners The pipe length and refrigerant amount:
Model Connective pipe length Air purging method

Additional amount of refrigerant to be charged

All Less than 5m Use vacuum pump ------------------
9K/12K More than 5m Use vacuum pump (Pipe length – 5) × 20g/m
18K/24K More than 5m Use vacuum pump (Pipe length – 5) × 40g/m

What is the Inverter Technology?

When working or enjoying time at home, you’ll find yourself in constant discomfort when your heating or air conditioning constantly vacillates throughout the day. The Inverter Technology included in all Senville Ductless Air Conditioners eradicates this menacing issue permanently.

Inverter compressors operate at adaptable speeds instead of constant ones.  Through this operative manner, those who are at work or home can enjoy a comfortable rate of temperature all year long. Elimination of the on/off cycle most air conditioners typically implement drastically reduces electrical consumption by up to 40%, which was a nice addition to the Senville line this year.  Inverter air conditioners tend have longer life spans in general due to their speed control capabilities.

What is are SEER Ratings?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a unit of measurement for cooling and heating output. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the system is at converting electricity into cooling or heating power.


What is a BTU?

British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a unit of measurement that determines how much cold/hot air comes out of each unit. The more air comes out, the more space it needs for the air to circulate. If the unit is oversized it may cause problems such as sensors reading false temperatures. Refer to the table below for more information:

Sq. Ft. Sq. M. BTU
150 14 5,000
350 33 8,000
425 39 9,000
500 46 10,000
640 60 15,000
1,110 103 18,000
1,450 133 22,000
1,672 154 25,000

Where can I find a list of Senville Error codes?

Indoor unit error code explanation;
E0 EEPROM parameter error
E1 Communication malfunction between indoor and outdoor units
E2 Zero-crossing signal error
E3 Indoor fan speed out of control
E5 Open or short circuit of outdoor temperature sensor
E6 Open or short circuit of room or evaporator coil temperature sensor
P0 Inverter module protection
P1 Over voltage or too low voltage protection
P2 Temperature protection of compressor top.
P3 Outdoor temp. too low protection
P4 Inverter compressor drive error

What are the advantages of Mini-Split units?

  1. Compact & Sleek – Unlike portable air conditioners or wall units, SENVILLE MINI SPLIT units will fit perfectly within the style of your home and comfort of your living. Plus, there are different color panels for you to choose from. There will be no large holes through the window or the wall to jeopardize your home safety and no insulation lost.
  2. Ease of Installation – There will be no large holes through the window or wall and no wires or power plugs all over the place. Large or heavy machinery is not required. Between the indoor and the outdoor unit; not more than a 3-inch hole is needed to run the wiring and the refrigerant copper tubes.
  3. Maneuverability & Small Size – SENVILLE Mini Split units are designed to fit even into the smallest of all rooms. It’s as simple as clipping the indoor unit on the wall. With the perfect size it also comes with perfect efficiency for all your temperature needs.
  4. Minimal Floor Space Requirement – Unlike conventional air conditioners/heat pumps, SENVILLE MINI SPLIT units do not require floor space. The indoor unit can be installed on any wall in your home. Compact, sleek, stylish!
  5. Flexible Interior Design Options – SENVILLE units offer customers a variety of colors and styles. Depending on your home, we have several colors of your choice to meet the perfection & comfort of your home.
  6. NO DUCTWORK = ELMINATION OF ENERGY LOSS – With our SENVILLE Mini Split units, you won’t ever have to worry about being hot OR cold all the time. Ducting is not required in your home and this will most definite eliminate energy loss.
  7. NO SECURITY ISSUES (Compared to Portable & Window Units) – SENVILLE Mini Split units do not require the large openings for installation. This eliminates the possibility of theft in your home!
  8. LOW NOISE LEVELS – SENVILLE air conditioners are extremely quiet thanks to the inverter technology inside each SENVILLE unit. The indoor unit can hardly be heard when running!

What are ‘Ductless Split Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps’?

Ductless Split Air Conditioners (also known as ‘mini splits’) are mainly used in residential or commercial buildings without built in ducting system. Mini Split is often referred to as SPLIT CONFIGURATION. The compressor and evaporator are in separate external packages and the two units connect via refrigerant pipes.

Between the indoor and outdoor units of the mini split air conditioners, there is a set of electrical wires & two insulated copper tubes for the R410-a refrigerant gases. They run through between the indoor and outdoor units. This eliminates the need for ductwork instead all you need is a 3- inch hole in the wall to run your wires and tubes through.

All of our Senville units are pre-charged with the highly efficient, environment friendly R410-a refrigerant. The Senville Mini Split Air Conditioners are powered from the outdoor unit. The indoor air handler is mounted on the wall high up near the ceiling. The temperature is controlled by means of a remote controller and you can set the unit to cool, heat or dehumidify at a perfectly precise temperature.

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